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Summary of the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) 2018

In August, G2G attended the Military Health System Research Symposium in Florida. The MHSRS is the Department of Defense’s premier scientific meeting. It provides a venue for presenting new scientific knowledge resulting from military-unique research and development.

The MHSRS provides a collaborative setting for the exchange of information between military providers with deployment experience, research and academic scientists, international partners, and industry on research and related health care initiatives falling under the topic areas of Combat Casualty Care, Military Operational Medicine, Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine, Medical Simulation and Information Sciences, Military Infectious Diseases, and the Radiation Health Effects.

G2G has put together a Summary Report of the MHSRS, filled with valuable information that includes a general overview and DoD priorities. There is a section on key take-aways, including current unmet capabilities, ongoing initiatives and current research efforts, along with a section on funding tips, and much more!

Some highlights include:

  • DoD aims to step up accelerated FDA approval on key innovations, e.g. FDA emergency approval for freeze dried plasma is key to saving lives on battlefield, and continue global health efforts, e.g. conducting joint studies with African nations on malaria, PEPFAR/HIV program, Ebola, Zika, and infectious disease threats, etc.
  • DHA to manage all medical treatment facilities (MTF) under FY17 NDAA standard delivery and business practices across the direct care system so can focus on readiness.
  • To improve medical readiness, DHA is considering where to invest R&D dollars because found:
  • 80% of people are evacuated due to disease/non-battle injury (with the vast majority being disease-related and the remainder involving musculoskeletal and mental health issues)
  • 44% of service members are non-deployable because of medical issues
  • DoD Prolonged Field Care is the number one capability gap in the Army because while less hours before evacuation means a better chance at life, it often is not an option. Therefore, USAMRMC is prioritizing ways to help the medic and warfighter at POI to start the healing process and enhance that care.

Download the full MHSRS Report

full report


Non-dilutive seed prizes for medical technology companies:

View the complete details by downloading the full RFI.

The Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology (ASA(ALT)) recently announced the second cohort of the Army Expeditionary Technology Search – xTechSearch – to be featured March 26-28, 2019 at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Global Force Meeting in Huntsville, AL. xTechSearch will highlight opportunities for nontraditional defense partners to collaborate with the Army to tackle the most poignant Army modernization challenges and provides:

  • Resourcing to select businesses to demonstrate proof of concept for their technologies
  • Cooperative research opportunities with Army labs, including access to the Army’s organic intellectual and technical capital
8 Technology Focus Areas:
  1. Medical technologies – optimized for use in austere environments that prevent, diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure servicemember health threats such as injury, polytrauma, cognitive and psychological stress, and infectious diseases:
    a. Prevention of musculoskeletal injuries
    b. Immediate cardiopulmonary stabilization and advanced, autonomous life support
    c. Telehealth
    d. Medical robotics
    e. Diagnosis and treatment of mild traumatic brain injury
    f. Enhancement of human physical, psychological, and cognitive performance and resilience
    g. Suicide prevention
    h. Prompt treatment of post-traumatic stress mitigating progression to PTSD
    i. Prevention and treatment of infectious diseases
  2. Long Range Precisions Fires
  3. Next Generation Combat Vehicle (NGCV)
  4. Future Vertical Lift (FVL)
  5. Network with hardware, software, and infrastructure
  6. Air and Missile Defense
  7. Soldier Lethality
  8. Military Engineering Technologies

    Opportunity Number: W911NF-19-S-0003

    Deadline: December 31, 2018 (submit technology proposal concept via White Paper, no more than 1,000 words)

    New funding opportunity open at BARDA:

    In November 2017, the 2018 BARDA Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) was released and is open for two years. Key areas of interest include:

    1. CBRN Vaccines; Antitoxins and Therapeutic Proteins; and Antibacterials
    2. Radiological, Nuclear and Chemical Threat, and Burn Medical Countermeasures
    3. Vaccines and Therapeutics for Influenza and Emerging Infectious Diseases
    4. Respiratory Protective Devices; Ventilators
    5. MCM Production Platform Systems
    6. Modeling and Visual Analytics as Enabling Technologies for Influenza, Emerging Infectious Disease, and CBRN Threats
    7. Diagnostics

    For additional information, please click here.

    New funding opportunity announced by USAMRMC:

    With the start of the new Federal fiscal year on October 1, 2017, USAMRMC announced a new Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) that is open on a rolling basis for the next five years. Keys areas of interest include:

    1. Military Infectious Disease Research Program
    2. Combat Casualty Care Research Program
    3. Military Operational Research Program
    4. Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program
    5. Medical Biological Defense Research Program
    6. Medical Chemical Defense Research Program
    7. Medical Simulation and Information Sciences Research Program
    8. Radiation Health Effects Research Program

    For additional information, please download the Funding Overview PDF.

    For information on grants, conferences and ways to maximize opportunities for growth, contact


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    Government bioscience grants Report

    Are you an entrepreneur or researcher running a startup and searching for non-dilutive financing and government funding? The GBG Report is your answer. This comprehensive list of non-dilutive government funding opportunities for bioscience R&D is updated monthly.
    The GBG Report provides beneficial info including:
    • Title of Grant and Opportunity Number
    • Amount of Funding Available
    • Summary of the Opportunity and Key Criteria
    • The Agency Funding the Grant
    • Deadline for Submission
    • Direct Link to the Grant Package

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