At G2G we begin by meeting with you, listening to your concerns and goals, discussing your enterprise and deciphering what you need to make it grow and achieve results. Then our team crafts a comprehensive Strategic Roadmap. It includes the targets to pursue in government, what to expect from each one, the scope of work involved and what we aim to accomplish. Then we execute it with clear communications throughout the process.

G2G provides essential guidance on how to run an effective lobbying and advocacy campaign. With perseverance, access and first-hand knowledge of the legislative and political process, we guide you through every step of the way.

Effective advocacy requires a comprehensive strategy and execution that includes:

  • Grassroots Organization -mobilize your organizational members, beneficiaries, customers and supporters who care about your cause
  • Education - educate all public officials from Washington, D.C. to the Statehouse to the City Mayor on the problem that needs to be addressed, your recommended solution, and what is needed to implement the solution in collaboration with government
  • Communications - focused, succinct and consistent messaging that resonates with the target audience
  • Relationship Development - target which public officials are in position to help the most and build relationships long-term
  • Influence - once you become a resource for educating government on the problem and solution, communicate regularly and effectively, and transform those relationships to establish champions for your cause, you can begin to influence the process and obtain the policy, regulations, and/or grants you are pursuing

G2G has led successful advocacy campaigns to achieve all of these crucial steps in the process. See  Lobbying & Advocacy case study for an example.

Non-Profits — G2G researches the funding opportunities, creates a comprehensive Grant Tracking Chart that includes actionable information, makes recommendations on how to prioritize opportunities, and provides introductions to agency program managers to gain intel on precisely what they are looking to fund, the competition and how to strengthen the application.

Entrepreneurs, Startups & Growing Businesses — G2G identifies the precise funding needs of the company, then produces a targeted Strategic Roadmap of who to target within government agencies to access funding. We write white papers then arrange introductory meetings to gain insights on the funding criteria, preferences and competition and to even shape opportunities early in the process. G2G regularly communicates with agency program managers and Congress, attends conferences and workshops to meet one-on-one with decision-makers, and conducts daily searches for government funding opportunities to ensure we pursue the best ROI for clients.

See the following Case Studies for further examples:  Non-Dilutive Funding, Grants, Contracts.

G2G organizes community mobilization efforts with public events, letter-writing campaigns and a comprehensive home-based approach to advocacy that targets specific state and federal officials, helping you to raise awareness and change public policy.

We determine the most effective types of grassroots activities at the best time to maximize impact and then implement all of the necessary steps for success. A poignant message can be sent to Members of Congress in Washington, D.C. or to State Legislators, Governors and other key decision-makers shaping policies, regulations and funding streams with:

  • Coordinated letter-writing campaigns
  • Letters to the editor
  • Targeted meetings with key businesses, community leaders and economic development entities
  • Field hearings
  • Coalition-building to amplify the voice behind the message
  • On-location media events, demonstrations and other mobilization activities

See the following Case Study for a further example:  Lobbying & Advocacy.  

Funding, contracts, regulatory changes, policy proposals, and advocacy can all be achieved on the state level of government.

On the state level of government, legislators and agency officials are all very accessible. The key is using that access to maximize your ROI. G2G tracks the state funding streams available to non-profit and for-profit enterprises to recommend the best opportunities to pursue, where to target and how to engage in the government process. Some states offer R&D tax incentives, job growth tax credits, low-interest and even partially forgivable loans, grant funding and even reduced price wet lab space in state-funded incubators. The G2G formula for federal-state coordination ensures there is no missed opportunity.

See the following Case Studies for a further example:  Capital Projects  and State.  

G2G guides clients through the grants process and business development opportunities with the government by identifying the best resources, shaping the message for each client to present to the government targets we identify, and providing introductions and the chance to obtain feedback on proposed plans, services or products before responding to RFPs and making any submissions to increase the likelihood for success.

G2G identifies those opportunities with the best ROI and implements a plan.

See the following Case Studies for a further example:  Grants, Contracts and Business Development.   

G2G works with CMS on strategic engagement for business securing coverage for products, altering National Coverage Decisions, and engaging Congress to obtain the right reimbursement rates.

See the following Case Study for a further example:  CMS Reimbursement.

Health care policy is constantly evolving.  With the Affordable Care Act being implemented, the scattered budgeting and appropriations process in recent years, and the numerous reauthorizations and regulations touching issues spanning from ACA to FDA each year, knowing the ins and outs of the process is key to exerting influence.  G2G knows how to position our clients for maximum impact in Congress, among agencies and with external organizations and stakeholders. Specific examples of our Health Practice’s successes are described in the Business Development  case study.

The Department of Defense is constantly looking for the latest novel innovations to help warfighters and accelerate our military capabilities. G2G matches clients with program managers within DoD on a regular basis. We find opportunities and align our clients to deliver targeted messages on what they can do to help the military. We make the introductions, coach on messaging and materials, and manage all the follow-up to ensure opportunities become tangible results. Specific examples of our Defense Practice’s successes are described in the Bioscience and Access to Federal Departments case studies.

Our work focuses on multiple areas of defense, including:

  • Biotech and medical device research and development
  • Aerospace innovation
  • Technology development and education

See the following Case Study for a further example:  Non-Dilutive Funding.