Case Studies



Raise the profile of a statewide non-profit organization and obtain grant funding.


  • With 45 different locations across the state, the organization needed a unifying strategy and message for educating legislators, the administration and staff on what programs they offered and why funding was needed, which G2G crafted and implemented.
  • Engaged board members and organized meetings with every state legislator and key agencies where funding might be available.
  • Organized the annual Statehouse Advocacy Day, secured speakers and public officials, managed logistics, and arranged all meetings for regional leaders with their legislators to deliver one consistent message on what the organization does and why funding is needed.
  • Planned all subsequent annual Statehouse Days.
  • Drafted budget amendment for the State Biennial Budget bill.
  • Wrote committee testimony, letters of support, talking points and white papers and maintained constant presence and strong relationships to secure both funding streams.
  • Obtained $1M in funding, then secured $1.25M in the subsequent Biennial Budget.