Lobbying, Advocacy & PR

G2G provides essential guidance on how to run an effective lobbying and advocacy campaign. With perseverance, access and first-hand knowledge of the legislative and political process, we guide you through every step of the way.

Effective advocacy requires a comprehensive strategy and execution that includes:
Grassroots Organization -mobilize your organizational members, beneficiaries, customers and supporters who care about your cause
Education - educate all public officials from Washington, D.C. to the Statehouse to the City Mayor on the problem that needs to be addressed, your recommended solution, and what is needed to implement the solution in collaboration with government
Communications - focused, succinct and consistent messaging that resonates with the target audience
Relationship Development - target which public officials are in position to help the most and build relationships long-term
Influence - once you become a resource for educating government on the problem and solution, communicate regularly and effectively, and transform those relationships to establish champions for your cause, you can begin to influence the process and obtain the policy, regulations, and/or grants you are pursuing

G2G has led successful advocacy campaigns to achieve all of these crucial steps in the process. See the related case studies for examples.