Bioelectronic Medicine Talks: A Roadmap for the Future
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Nov 10, 2021
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11:00 am
12:00 pm

Bioelectronic Medicine Talks is a new webinar series on the future of bioelectronic medicine featuring the field’s top experts and innovators. Join the Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine for a discussion hosted by Eric Olander on where the bioelectronic medicine field goes from here. How can different stakeholders join together to advance shared goals? What is the value of greater collaboration for companies, researchers, and ultimately patients and providers? And what are the most compelling opportunities to drive this progress?

This event features an esteemed panel with Natasha Drapeau, Executive Vice President of BioSig;Dr. Thomas Deering, Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Piedmont Heart Institute and former President of the Heart Rhythm Society; Jen French, Senior Editor of Neurotech Reports and Founder of the Neurotech Network; andMario Ottiglio, Managing Director of High Lantern Group and Executive Director of the Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine.