G2G's Webinar: Updates on Coronavirus Response Programs and Funding
May 26, 2020
12:00 pm
1:00 pm

Get up-to-date information on funding and implementation of the CARES Act and other COVID-19 legislation.

This webinar will highlight key aspects of the coronavirus response legislation and specific programs and policies enacted to help states, businesses, nonprofits and individuals during this unprecedented time as well as how they can access the billions of dollars in new non-dilutive government funding and other resources. G2G has already provided six webinars in this series of coronavirus response legislation and funding updates as a way for you to track government activity—new programs and funding streams, communicate it widely and connect people to these government resources to help companies and organizations accelerate bringing solutions forward for COVID-19.

Topics Covered:

  • Key programs and policies in the coronavirus response legislation
  • Updated information on Paycheck Protection Program and other SBA loan criteria for businesses and nonprofits
  • FEMA, HHS, DoD, NSF and other federal agencies seek private sector assistance to fight COVID-19
  • New sources of non-dilutive government funding and other resources
  • Tips for success and Q&A

If you cannot participate in the webinar and would like information or access to these government resources, please contact Liz Powell at lpowell@G2Gconsulting.com and check for updates at www.G2Gconsulting.com, @G2Gconsulting and LinkedIn.