G2G's Webinar: Government Funding
Mar 24, 2020
12:00 pm
1:00 pm

This webinar will provide an overview of how companies can access non-dilutive government funding. It includes updates on the process for accessing funding included in the bipartisan supplemental package passed by Congress to support coronavirus preparedness and response efforts across the country, a look at Department of Defense funding opportunities for innovative technologies to fill military medical gaps, and how to submit an abstract to present your innovations at this year’s Military Health System Research Symposium that will be held in August.

Topics Covered:

  • Overview of coronavirus response and government funding
  • DoD and other funding for biosciences
  • How to submit an abstract to MHSRS
  • Case studies and tips for success

If you cannot participate in the webinar and would like to learn how to access non-dilutive federal government funding or to get your innovative technology in front of the DoD, BARDA, HHS, NSF and other government targets, please contact Liz Powell at lpowell@G2Gconsulting.com or (202) 445-4242 or visit www.G2Gconsulting.com.