Springboard's Gender Parity in Healthcare and its Impact on Women's Health
Jul 28, 2020
2:00 pm
3:00 pm

Women are a catalyst for change when it comes to innovation within women’s health. In order to sustain this momentum and continue driving research, innovation, and investments in the space, it is pertinent to address gender equity among those in biomedical science careers.

The Trans-NIH’s strategic plan for Women’s Health Research outlines that, “building interdisciplinary research careers in women’s health and training scientists, clinicians, and other health professionals on sex and gender influences in health and disease will accelerate the translation of knowledge into improved health care for women.”

Join us as we examine how gender diversity and the representation of women in senior and leadership level roles in biomedical careers facilitate progress for the health of women.


Tracy MacNeal, Materna Medical

Joan Fallon, Curemark

Hilla Shaviv, Gals Bio Ltd

Liz Powell, G2G Consulting