Non-Dilutive Government Funding and Other Ways to Grow Your Business
Aug 14, 2019
1:00 pm
2:00 pm
For iBio Members

iBIO has partnered with non-dilutive funding and government affairs experts, G2G to provide support and monthly reports on non-dilutive financing and government funding for entrepreneurs and researchers running startups in Illinois. G2G was founded by Liz Powell, an entrepreneur and attorney with over 20 years of experience in government affairs. Previously, she served as the Legislative Director for two Members of Congress and staffing the Armed Services Committee and the Small Business Committee in Washington, D.C. Since 2007, G2G has secured over $209 million in government funding and has increased CMS reimbursement rates, led government marketing and advocacy campaigns, and implemented legislative and regulatory changes. G2G publishes the monthly GBG Report listing bioscience grants that is posted on our website.

Topics Covered:

  • Sources of Government Funding for Biosciences, including NIH, DoD, VA, DHS, BARDA, NSF, DoE and others
  • Key Timelines, Budget Process and Funding Accounts
  • Ways to Access Decision-Makers
  • Overview of MHSRS and other R&D Conferences
  • Case Studies on Securing Funding, Policies and Relationships in Government
  • Insider Tips on How to Succeed