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G2G is a team of bipartisan professionals who manage federal and state government affairs -- drafting policies, shaping regulations, organizing grassroots campaigns and events, and accessing funding. We have the experience, contacts, work ethic and enthusiasm to effectively navigate through Government to Growth (G2G).

Connecting innovators to government is a primary focus for G2G. We are the government relations firm for innovation.


Are you trying to market products to the government and grow your business? Do you want to advocate for your organization more effectively? Wish you could obtain non-dilutive government funding?


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With our experience in running government affairs operations for start-up companies, institutions, national associations and non-profits, we work with federal, state and local public officals to maximize government opportunities and deliver results.

Achieve results with G2G.

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Are you searching for bioscience funding?

Are you an entrepreneur or researcher searching for bioscience funding and not sure where to begin? Do you wonder how to find government grants, RFPs and BAAs for life science companies?  The Government Bioscience Grant Chart is your answer.
This list is updated monthly and is the result of our team‘s in-depth research into all government funded grant opportunities of interest for R&D in biomed, medtech, bioscience and life science.
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G2G Achieves results

G2G has raised $277 Million in non-dilutive government funding for our clients.

G2G has managed government engagement strategies for national and statewide associations, businesses and institutions. We have written policy proposals, shaped regulations, organized advocacy and PR events, and built critical relationships for our clients with agencies, Congress and the White House.

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