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Women’s Health

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Women's Health Advocate

Women's Health Advocates are change makers - addressing systemic health disparities, gaining insights on policies and funding impacting them, and working together in advocacy to make a difference.

Advocacy Actions

G2G wrote a letter that over 1,000 people from across the country signed asking Congress to advance women’s health in five FY25 appropriations bills. Click below to download!

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G2G is speaking at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on the Equity in Health: Perspectives in Women's Health Innovation event on January 9, 2024 at 7:30am at Marriott Marquis.

The keynote address is entitled, "Women’s Health: Past, Present and Future" by Elizabeth Comen, MD, author of All in Her Head: The Truth and Lies Early Medicine Taught Us About Women's Bodies and Why It Matters Today. Following the keynote, there are two panels: "Shifting the Paradigm in Women's Health Investment" and "Engaging Government in Accelerating Women's Health Innovation" that include experts from industry, venture and government.

The event is sponsored by

JP Morgan
Catalyst Advisors
G2G Consulting

Policy Work

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NEW WHITE HOUSE INITIATIVE ON WOMEN'S HEALTH RESEARCH—Do you have insights to share on Women's Health Policy and Funding to contribute to the White House Initiative on Women's Health Research and Congressional efforts in this area? Please share here:

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CMS COVERAGE FOLLOWING FDA BREAKTHROUGH DESIGNATION— Wrote and submitted letters and led grassroots campaign to advocate for closing the gap between FDA approval and CMS coverage. Organized webinars and guidance on TCET and submitting comments to CMS.


  • NIH – Advocated for new requirements for NIH regarding recruitment and engagement in studies to ensure diversity in clinical trials in legislation

  • OFFICE OF RESEARCH ON WOMEN’S HEALTH – Collaborated and supported efforts, such as the Women's Health Consensus Conference and the new Autoimmune Office within the Office of Research on Women's Health (ORWH), and advocated for increased NIH research funding dedicated to women’s health

  • FDA – Strengthened oversight of population studies to include data on sex differences in drug response, transparency in biological sex differences and assessment of participation barriers, such as travel costs, timing for trial appointments, appointment locations, and the use of online clinical care and other factors that often exclude diverse populations in legislation

ADVERSE DRUG EVENTS – Wrote and submitted regulatory comments to push for adverse drug events and patient safety concerns being reported by sex and ethnicity to ensure data is captured to inform care as ADRs are twice as common in women

AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES Led letter writing campaign to Congress to increase funding for research

MENOPAUSE & AGING – Wrote letter and organized meeting with the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women's Health to address aging women’s health, including menopause

OVARIAN CANCER – Helped draft legislation to address the gap in testing of pelvic masses that impacts 1 in 5 women and is vital to early identification of ovarian cancer, and worked with CMS on coverage for new technologies

WOMEN’S HEALTH EQUITY – Crafted policy proposal to close gaps in women’s health research, medical training, diagnostics and clinical care and organized Congressional and HBSHAA Briefings on Women's Health Gaps

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We organize online mediums to convene, educate on policies and funding impacting the health of women, and provide advocacy how-tos to drive change in government.


Download testimony submitted to the House Appropriations Committee addressing women’s health gaps and our effort to increase diversity in clinical trials and funding through NIH grants.

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