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What Our Clients Are Saying

Liz Powell and her team are the hardest working, most effective government affairs professionals I have ever worked with. From day one, they provided guidance and expertise to put us on the path to success. They are well-organized, well-connected and know how to navigate government to develop valuable relationships, influence the process and deliver results for clients.

JJ Finkelstein | Chairman of the Board, MD Bio Foundation

G2G has provided invaluable strategic counsel for Hard Hatted Women. From developing our message to drafting legislation to walking us through the halls of Congress, G2G has helped us reach a new level. G2G kept us focused, helping us successfully navigate a very complicated process while saving precious resources. Liz and her team are easy to work with, professional and passionate about bringing good ideas to scale that will benefit our region and state. They have advanced our mission in ways that will pay dividends for years to come – not just in financial resources, but through new relationships with leaders who now understand and embrace our work and vision.

Terri Burgess Sandu | Executive Director, Hard Hatted Women

G2G delivers. They have persistently applied their expertise on the intricacies of Capitol Hill and federal agencies to help advance our objectives and secure funding. G2G has positioned us well to provide our research expertise to address national interests. Their depth of expertise, in our case related to the Department of Defense, has guided us on when, where, and how to educate key decision-makers and which relationships are needed to advance programmatic and policy changes.

Richard J. Harknett | Director, Center for Cyber Strategy, University of Cincinnati

I have been doing Congressional advocacy for several decades.  After unsuccessfully trying to get a plus-up for the last three years, we retained G2G, and they were able to get $5 million into the House Appropriations Bill on their first try

Bob Schmidt | Chairman, NeuroWave Systems Inc.

G2G is the best. Hands down the most effective money we spend from a development and impact standpoint comes from the tireless efforts and team at G2G.  The team is organized, diligent, creative and the best part…. G2G believes in us and our mission. It’s that belief in their clients that makes this partnership one of the most important to our organization.

Annalies Corbin, PhD | Founder, President and CEO, PAST Foundation

Thanks to our government engagement strategy, I am thrilled with the relationships we have developed that otherwise would have been next to impossible to cultivate without G2G!

Dr. Lynette Scotese-Wojtila | ITC/SUCCESS for Autism