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Developing Relationships for Long-Term Support


Obtain federal funding for cellular therapy research to accelerate wound healing.


Developed a multi-state strategy for working with DoD and Congress and tied medical R&D to job growth in each state

Provided introduction to the DoD, developed relationships and garnered funds from several program managers over several years

Leveraged DoD relationships to access DARPA contract and insert language in defense authorization legislation

Organized meetings with key decision-makers within the medical countermeasures office to learn priorities and be responsive in our submission and built relationships at the annual conference

Organized tours, demonstrations and media events with Congress

Attended a military medical conference year after year, building more relationships and research partners

$11.3 million over 4 years

$3 million in FY2012 defense authorization legislation

$25 million medical countermeasures contract over 5 years (up to $100 million if hit all benchmarks over several years)