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See the 2023 Shauna M. Sorrells Grant Program winner!

Leading Advocacy and Fundraising Strategies


Educate on programs and services, raise awareness of key problems, and shape policy and funding to make a difference for at-risk youth.


Organized Statehouse Day, awards events, media engagement, visits with every member of legislature, testimony before key committees, tours with public officials to see youth excelling in the program, and letters from across the state to governor and legislators stating the need for funding, including engaging well-connected board

$10 million total from state over 8 years in Operating and Capital Budgets – realized a 100:1 ROI

Shaped policy and development of new program for after-school learning and became trusted resource for government, which regularly calls for insight on pending legislation in committee and new laws the agency is implementing

Made alliance across state to create one consistent, powerful voice