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Our team is here to make navigating government easier for you. Every month, the G2G staff compiles and synthesizes the big government news, and distills it into the high-level, hard-hitting information you need. These summaries make it easier to find and understand the policy changes and legislative updates that impact you and your goals.

March 31, 2022

March was an active month with the March 1 State of the Union, March 15 signing into law the FY2022 Omnibus Appropriations bill, and March 28 release of President Biden’s FY2023 budget proposal. The House and Senate Budget and Appropriations Committees have jumped right into organizing budget hearings and collecting appropriations submissions, including community project funding requests from constituents. Many more people have also returned to Capitol Hill, holding meetings in offices and hearings in person.

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February 28, 2022

President Biden gave his first State of the Union speech on March 1, focused on Ukraine as well as infrastructure, electric vehicles, gas prices, climate change, manufacturing such as the new Intel semiconductor site in Columbus, child care and paid leave, crime and police training, voting rights, and several health issues: COVID and his “Test to Treat” initiative, opioids, mental health, Cancer Moonshot, and biomedical research through ARPA-H. In the coming weeks, he will announce his FY2023 budget and then Congress can begin work on their 12 appropriations bills.

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January 31, 2022

The year kicked off with more questions than answers: will Congress agree on a final FY2022 appropriations omnibus package or settle for a year-long Continuing Resolution, how will Build Back Better legislation be rewritten and cut back to pass Congress, what key legislation will be enacted by year’s end, and what will the elections in November 2022 mean for the House, Senate and the White House, among others. While much is up in the air, some significant legislative measures are moving through Congress.

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