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Managing a National Association and Passing Legislation

Managing a National Association and Passing Legislation


Establish Washington, D.C. presence and influence for national coalition with members in 36 states.


Educated coalition members across the country on the government process and created strategy for educating Congress, raising awareness, and writing and passing legislation to authorize $10 million over five years for a new program

Maintained regular communications – organizing Action Alerts, calls, emails and Capitol Hill Days

Educated and enlisted bipartisan, bicameral Congressional champions

Drafted bipartisan authorization bill – introduced in the House and Senate

Met with the Office of Management and Budget and oversight agency and developed relationships to establish funding and multi-year contract to align with the authorization bill

Mobilized the coalition members for a grassroots campaign to influence numerous Members of Congress from multiple states

Developed targeted messages through White Papers, meetings, events and media strategy to educate and build bipartisan, bicameral support for the legislation

Organized Congressional Hearing – included entire panel of coalition members as witnesses giving testimony and secured media coverage

Recognized and engaged Members of Congress through Awards and Capitol Hill Briefings

ImImplemented strategy to garner bipartisan co-sponsors, push committees to pass the legislation, and work with the Speaker's office to get it scheduled and passed by the House

$1 million in grants secured each year