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Proven Results

G2G has worked to secure millions of dollars for our clients, led advocacy campaigns, written policy proposals and position statements, organized Capitol Hill Fly-Ins and Statehouse Days to meet with public officials and staff, and planned media events. Below are a few case studies demonstrating the breadth and depth of our work and how we turn challenges into opportunities for our clients.

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Increasing Influence and Shaping Policy for an Academic Institution

Goal: Develop relationships with Congress to raise profile of institution and pursue support for a new center.

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Obtaining CMS Reimbursement for a Medical Device

Goal: Secure the appropriate reimbursement rate for wound healing device.

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Securing VA Procurement for a Company

Goal: Obtain authorization to sell therapeutic device within the VAMCs across the country.

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Leading Advocacy and Fundraising Strategies

Goal: Educate on programs and services, raise awareness of key problems, and shape policy and funding to make a difference for at-risk youth.

5e559adb22155424af36a010_G2G Congress BiPartisan

Securing State Funding

Goal: Educate on model developmental disability services, especially in quality employment, and obtain funding to establish organic farm that creates access in food deserts and jobs.

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Introducing Unique Model for Education

Goal: Educate on innovative model for STEM education and workforce development, working locally and statewide that is becoming a national model.