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G2G Champions Ohio's Changemakers

$ million raised


G2G is based in Columbus and Cleveland, representing nonprofits and businesses navigating state funding, building relationships, and influencing policy. We've secured nearly 100% of funding requests in the two most recent budget cycles, organized thousands of meetings, hundreds of Statehouse events, and
dozens of coalitions.

Ohio Legislative Updates

February 8th, 2024

With the March 19th Primary Election just weeks away, Statehouse activity has slowed down. All Ohio and U.S. House districts, even-numbered Ohio Senate districts, and a U.S. Senate seat are up for election. The final bill is expected to pass in May or June.

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January 30th, 2024

The House and the Senate have returned to the statehouse following the holiday season and are preparing for the March 19th Primary Election. All Ohio and U.S. House districts, even-numbered Ohio Senate districts, and a U.S. Senate seat are up for election.

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December 4th, 2023

On November 7th, Issue 1 and Issue 2 were both approved by Ohio voters, which enshrines abortion in the Ohio Constitution and legalizes recreational use of cannabis, respectively. However, Republicans have said the fight is not over for either issue and they intend to continue to legislate on both.

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Ohio Case Studies


Obtaining Cleveland Funding

Goal: Establish a public private partnership and secure funding to build proven technology for drone tracking and management in Ohio


Organizing Advocacy Campaigns

Goal: Build relationships for and raise the profile of a new statewide nonprofit for healthy food access in order access state funding to expand programming

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Leading Advocacy and Fundraising Strategies

Goal: Educate on programs and services, raise awareness of key problems, and shape policy and funding to make a difference for at-risk youth.

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Securing State Funding

Goal: Educate on model developmental disability services, especially in quality employment, and obtain funding to establish organic farm that creates access in food deserts and jobs.

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Introducing Unique Model for Education

Goal: Educate on innovative model for STEM education and workforce development, working locally and statewide that is becoming a national model.


Establishing Government Affairs Engagement Plan for Academic Institution

Goal: Learn the government system and where to engage while promoting new Technology and Computer Informatics Center for the institution.

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Secure Funding for Healthy Food Access

Goal: Educate on how the CDFI works and why a new healthy food financing initiative should receive state funding.