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G2G Champions Ohio's Changemakers

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G2G is based in Columbus and Cleveland, representing nonprofits and businesses navigating state funding, building relationships, and influencing policy. We've secured nearly 100% of funding requests in the two most recent budget cycles, organized thousands of meetings, hundreds of Statehouse events, and
dozens of coalitions.

Ohio Legislative Updates

October 14, 2022

Elections are top of mind in Ohio with the November 8 general election quickly approaching.

After the elections, the legislature will return to a lame duck session to move a number of bills to the floor and onto Governor DeWine’s desk before the end of the year. All eyes are on how Ohio will spend its remaining $280M of ARPA funding as well as General Revenue Funds (GRF) that will shape just how expansive the next Operating Budget can be for FY2024-25. In January, the work begins on this two-year state Operating Budget that includes funding opportunities for nonprofits. If you are considering funding from the state for programming, now is the time to start planning.

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September 01, 2022

Ohio held its second primary on Tuesday, August 2nd for State Senate and House seats as well as State Central Committee. The legislature remains on recess until after the November 8th general election. Over the past several weeks, G2G has met with many public officials. On the local level, we’ve connected with Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb, Cleveland City Council President Blaine Griffin, and Cuyahoga County Executive Candidate Chris Ronayne on digital connectivity, healthy food access, and business development issues. In Columbus and Cleveland, we’ve talked with Governor DeWine, Lt. Governor Husted, Department of Development Director Lydia Mihalik, and Ohio Senate Finance Chairman Matt Dolan about issues ranging from economic development to bioscience innovation to K-12 education. Within Congress, we recently met up with Reps. Troy Balderson, Shontel Brown, Dave Joyce, and Tim Ryan about similar issues moving through Congress as well as implementation of the CHIPS Act and Inflation Reduction Act and the launch of the new Intel semiconductor manufacturing facility near Columbus. Many officials will be at the September 9th ribbon cutting for the facility with President Biden and G2G is working with the City Club of Cleveland to plan an event on how this facility connects to Northeast Ohio’s innovation ecosystem.

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August 08, 2022

Ohio held its second primary on Tuesday, August 2nd for State Senate and House seats as well as State Central Committee. The legislature remains on recess until after the November 8th General Election. While it is mostly quiet on Capitol Square, the election is keeping the Ohio Legislature and Administration quite busy. G2G has been tracking, engaging in, and attending events for several Ohio races. From the senate campaign of Congressman Tim Ryan v. J.D. Vance to the re-election campaigns of Reps. Dave Joyce, Shontel Brown, Marcy Kaptur and Steve Chabot to the state level campaigns of Governor DeWine as well as state legislators in tricky redrawn districts, G2G has gone to numerous events and pounded the pavement. The common theme throughout is no one is taking anything for granted with the November 8th elections. See G2G’s full report on Ohio politics including detailed election results, education, and health.

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Ohio Case Studies


Obtaining Cleveland Funding

Goal: Establish a public private partnership and secure funding to build proven technology for drone tracking and management in Ohio


Organizing Advocacy Campaigns

Goal: Build relationships for and raise the profile of a new statewide nonprofit for healthy food access in order access state funding to expand programming

5e5753645428d3f594bb3834_State Advocacy

Leading Advocacy and Fundraising Strategies

Goal: Educate on programs and services, raise awareness of key problems, and shape policy and funding to make a difference for at-risk youth.

5e559adb22155424af36a010_G2G Congress BiPartisan

Securing State Funding

Goal: Educate on model developmental disability services, especially in quality employment, and obtain funding to establish organic farm that creates access in food deserts and jobs.

5e559a9b91f60f0606448112_Stem Student 2k Tiny

Introducing Unique Model for Education

Goal: Educate on innovative model for STEM education and workforce development, working locally and statewide that is becoming a national model.


Establishing Government Affairs Engagement Plan for Academic Institution

Goal: Learn the government system and where to engage while promoting new Technology and Computer Informatics Center for the institution.

5e575356356eb51dbcf7a78f_Grants NonDilute

Secure Funding for Healthy Food Access

Goal: Educate on how the CDFI works and why a new healthy food financing initiative should receive state funding.